Kevin Na 得克萨斯公开赛上一个洞打出16杆!

2011年举行的美巡赛得克萨斯公开赛中, Kevin Na在TPC San Antanio 球场第9洞, 4杆洞, 打出16杆! 一下子把成绩从-1降到+11. 他两次开球到树林中, 然后打了无数杆, 试图把球打出树丛。 可以看到他打到后来,已经自己觉得很难堪, 匆忙地试图尽快完成这尴尬的一幕。 下面是整个过程:

Shot Shot/description
1-2 Tee shot right. Went down and found ball and declared an unplayable lie.
3 Went back to the tee box and hit another tee shot which went right in to the woods. Then hit a provisional left (Abandoned provisional). Found second tee shot on the right and played it.
4-5 Played ball in the woods and hit a tree and the ball hit himself and took a one shot penalty.
6 Took unplayable where ball came to rest.
7 Hit ball in woods.
8 Hit ball in woods (Left-handed and missed ball).
9 Hit ball in woods (Left-handed and advanced ball).
10 Hit ball in woods (barely moved the ball).
11 Hit ball in woods and did not get out of the trees.
12 Hit ball in woods and advanced to the rough.
13 Hit ball from woods in to rough.
14 Played from rough to the fringe.
15 Played from fringe on to green.
16 Made putt from 5 feet, 10 inches.

他这个还不是记录。 John Daly1998年打出18杆, 真正的记录是一个洞打出23杆, 发生在1927年和1938年。